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Living in Costa Rica

Most Costa Rican visitors fall in love with this beautiful country and its very friendly people and start to dream about living in Costa Rica. From exotic beaches and verdant mountains where the climate is always pleasant, to tropical rain forests with amazing flora and fauna, Costa Rica real estate enchants everyone.

Costa Rica property has much to offer. Whether you come as a visitor or an investor, or are thinking about living in Costa Rica, there is something attractive here for you. New Costa Rica resorts are offering the finest in vacation rentals and hospitality.

As one of the oldest democracies in the Americas (and having abolished its army over 57 years ago), Costa Rica has instead chosen to spend its money on education, health services and now infrastructure. All this makes living in Costa Rica a great idea. Having established political and social stability, Costa Rica is a peaceful and prosperous nation, safe for foreigners and locals. Below you will a summary of the advantages of living in Costa Rica.