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National Property Registry

Title Guarantee:  In many countries when you are in the process of investing in real estate, the Title of Ownership of the land is crucial. When it concerns Costa Rica real estate though, we have the National Registry, where all properties in Costa Rica are registered with the name of the current owner and the need for a physical Title of Ownership is not necessary. The Costa Rica National Registry will provide certified documentation of ownership of any registered property in Costa Rica at any time. These ownership documents are a matter of public record.

However, the Costa Rica National Registry does not provide any guaranty that defects or recording errors have occurred during the registration process related to the transfer history of particular properties in Costa Rica. Any errors may place in jeopardy the rights acquired and in extreme cases could even result in a loss of your investment. So it is important to know the local history of the property you are interested in.

Most of us working at Century 21’s Beach Area Properties real estate office in Tambor, have been living here since the 1990’s and know most everyone and all the land. We only work with properties that have apparent clear title. As always, due diligence is a requisite of good investing.